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Livestock Monitoring

Raising livestock comes with it own challenges, battling disease, field rotation, breeding pairing, ect. We have put togther a solution that allows you to remotely monitor various data sets about your individual animals on the farm. Providing real time monitoring and alerts. Accessible anywhere in the world. Giving you more time to expand your farming business.

Livestock Security

Livestock theft is becoming more and more of a problem in more places around the world. Using modern technologies we are able to keep a 24 hour watch over your Livestock, allowing you to sleep well and reducing the costs of manned prevention measures.

Research & Development

We are continuously doing research and development into new solutions to farming problems. If you have a problem that needs fixing or need something automated that is taking up a lot of your time, then speak to us.

Soil Monitoring

Real time soil monitoring to improve your crop yields. Imagine moisture and chemical analysis data right at your finger tips. Accesible from anywhere in the world.

GIS Imaging

Combining GIS imaging with our crop monitoring suite to provide you with the most informed decision about your crops and fields. These can be provided with various levels of data and on a varied time scale. Daily reports available. .

Onsite Weather Stations

Onsite weather stations allow you to predict enviromental changes down to a few minutes. They allow you to keep track of enviromental elements such as rainfall volume, sun intensity and wind velocity.